DIY Sofia the First Party

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For my daughter’s third birthday, she wanted a Sofia the First party.  For anyone who is not familiar with Disney’s new princess, she is an adorable little girl dressed in a lovely shade of lavender.  I found so many fun DIY ideas for this party.  I wanted to make it extra special, since I know how quickly little girls pass through that magical princess phase.  Unfortunately, this is the summer of the furlough, so we were on a really tight budget.  That turned out to be absolutely perfect though, because there are so many amazingly creative people on Pinterest and in the blogosphere.  So first, there was the dress…


I bought all of the material for the dress and a silk-style and tulle underskirt on sale with an extra 15% off coupon at JoAnn’s.  I used white pompom fringe for the bottom, neck and upper skirt edging.  The dark purple accent is leftover yarn that I braided.  For the appliques on the petals of the skirt, I used Wonder Under and then blanket stitch them into place.  This was the best picture I could get of Kaitlyn in the dress today, but I plan on borrowing an idea from one of my favorite blogs “A Place For Us” and taking some nice portraits of Kaitlyn in the dress later.  The tiara she is wearing is actually a Sofia tiara party favor, but she refused to turn it around the right way :).  She’s so adorable!!

The Decorations

I made this welcome sign for the front entrance.  I just drew Sofia on white poster board and then cut her out and hot glued her onto the pink poster board.  Then I printed out the “Welcome Royal Guests” on regular paper and just cut the letters out and glued them onto the poster.  I finished it off with a fun dark purple and polka dot ribbon.  I went a little tissue paper pompom crazy, as you will see!  But they are so easy to make and they are an inexpensive way to add a touch of elegance.


Here is the big tissue paper pompom display.  I used 3M hooks and fishing wire to suspend this in the wall cutout over our entryway.  You can buy these, but they are also incredibly easy to make.  Just Google tissue paper pompoms and you will find a ton of tutorials.  Basically, you just accordion fold about 8-10 sheets of tissue paper, round both ends, tie the center, and then separate the individual layers so they “puff” out.


I also made a super easy and inexpensive birthday banner.  First, I cut squares out of dark purple cardstock.  Then I cut smaller squares out of scrapbook paper in various designs and shades of purple.  The letters and Sofia picture are just printed on regular paper and cut out.  I strung it all together with twine and finished it of with two pompoms on either end.


A close up of the Sofia part of the banner…


A long shot of the banner…


The Goody Bags

For goody bags, I just bought brown paper bags, printed up homemade labels, and secured with purple ribbon…simple and sweet.  Then I used an idea my mom’s friend gave me for the baby goodies.  Those are yogurt bites in snack sized Ziplock baggies, twisted in the middle and secured with a clothes pin.  Then I added 1″ pompoms, googly eyes, and pipe cleaner antennae…all stuff I had on hand in my craft supplies.


A close up of the goody bag label…


Food and Drink

We went simple for drinks…just water, iced tea, and lemonade.  For the water bottles, I designed and printed these labels in Word, took the original wrapper off, wrapped the new labels around, and used packaging tape to secure and cover them.


I found a cute idea for using Dixie cups to serve small portions of food.  So I filled some cups with a mixture of pretzels and Goldfish and some with a fruit salad I made that consisted of apples, grapes, bananas, and mandarin oranges.


Here is the table setting with the Sofia plates and napkins I purchased…


We also served turkey finger sandwiches cut into a crown shape with a cookie cutter.


Then we had a simple platter of chicken nuggets and pigs in a blanket.


To add a little bit more decoration to the table, I used this cute little lollipop topiary idea I found on Pinterest…  I got the terra cotta pots for about $.60, painted them purple, tied purple ribbon around them, put a styrofoam ball inside and covered in lollipops that we had on hand.


The balloon…


For activities, we had a baby pool, slip n slide and sprinkler set up.  And of course the kids played on the trampoline.  I also printed up a Sofia picture on cardstock and let the girls make fans.  So the boys wouldn’t feel left out, we set up a color bubble painting station.  It didn’t work out very well, so the boys ended up just folding paper airplanes…great idea if you’re looking for a fun activity for boys to do at a princess party!  Had I thought of it ahead of time, I would have printed cardstock with James, Sofia’s stepbrother, for them to use.


And this is the cake I made, along with a cute Sofia doll topper…


The happy birthday girl…


I’m so glad Kaitlyn had such a beautiful blessed day, surrounded by so many wonderful friends!  I wish I could keep her in this magical princess stage for years and years to come, but I know all too well how fleeting these moments are.  I thank God that we were able to make this a special day for our sweet, wonderful little girl.

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A Week of Kids’ Crafts

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My furlough officially started today, and I have to say I could definitely get used to this. ..home all day with the kids, not allowed to even log onto my work computer or blackberry.  Granted, I haven’t seen the furlough paycheck yet, but I really enjoyed having this day.  As I work through the ABCJesusLovesMe homeschool curriculum with my kids this summer, we have been doing a lot of Bible stories, worksheets, and of course crafts.  So I thought I would share a post with some of the craft ideas.

These are a little late for the 4th of July.  We just didn’t have time to do them before.  But it was kind of nice doing these after the kids saw the fireworks and they were fresh in their minds.  We just made firework shapes with glue on cardstock and the kids sprinkled glitter on top.  They had a blast making these…glitter is always a huge hit!

003   002

After the glue and glitter fireworks, Kaitlyn decided she wanted to make a flower, so we worked on cutting construction paper.  Colton is doing pretty well with scissors.  I still guide Kaitlyn, but she does all of the cutting.


These aren’t from today, but they were part of the homeschool curriculum and something that the kids both really enjoyed.  They’re just simple robot cutouts, but they were perfect for both of my kids.  Kaitlyn even wanted to start her own art wall with hers.

011   015

I did these chalk Jesus fish with my Sunday school class a while back, but Colton wanted to do one here and add it to his art wall.  For this, we just drew the Jesus fish and “Follow Jesus” with Elmer’s glue, let it dry and then colored over it in chalk.


I also got a chance to start on Kaitlyn’s Sofia the First dress.  We are getting ready for a very fun and very homemade birthday party at the end of July.  She has been talking about her Sofia party for nine months now, so it’s going to be a fun one for her.  I still have a lot to do as far as embellishing the dress, but at least the main body is together now!


Have a great rest of the week!

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